PBK Fall Inductees Announced

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He's proud

He’s proud

In our darkest hour, there is yet light. The junior Phi Beta Kappa inductees of the class of 2014 have just been announced by Columbia’s PBK chapter, as cheerily announced by Columbia College. Out of the 10% of seniors who will make PBK this year, this list represents only 2%; the following 8% of seniors will be announced in the spring. PBK members are chosen on both academic prowess and rigor and faculty evaluations from their department. The junior members will be officially inducted at a ceremony in January—until then, congratulations, you crazy kids, and take the evening off in celebration.

The 22 students are:

  • Michael Attal
  • Ari Berg
  • Corey Dansereau
  • Margarete Diaz Cuadros
  • Nicole Dussault
  • Alyssa Ehrlich
  • Evelyn Jagoda
  • Samuel Kazer
  • Megan McCreadie
  • Evan Munro
  • Andrew Pinelli
  • Amalia Rinehart
  • Victoria Robson
  • Roko Rumora
  • Amit Saha
  • Yuma Shinohara
  • Abigail Struhl
  • Norman Toy
  • Samuel Walker
  • Ling Feng Ye
  • Sicong Zhang
  • Lisa Zhou

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  1. How do

    you join this frat? cAN you pay?

  2. Anonymous  

    So proud to know 4 of these people! The great part is, they don't even live up to the stereotype of being Butler zombies - they're outgoing and involved in the campus community. Columbia has such talented, intelligent students.

  3. Yeah!

    Go Victoria! Best TA EVER!

  4. Hoes in different area codes

    What about Barnard??

  5. Greg  

    Regarding those I know on this list, perhaps the best part is that they are truly humble individuals.

  6. RR

    Roko Rumora is the best.

  7. jordana  

    YOU GO, abigail struhl!!! you are such a phenomenal writer and a pretty kickass lady, if i do say so myself. congratulations!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Wooooo Andrew Pinelli you are a star!!!!!

  9. I'm suprised  

    I don't hate any of these people.

  10. BUUUUUU...

    UUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRGG!!!!!!!! Killin It! Congrats!!

  11. BRM  

    Incredibly proud of Nicole, Evvie, Roko and Trey. You guys are amazing!

  12. Anonymous  

    Not only is she smart, but Alyssa has always been very helpful and nice to me. Congrats!

  13. Be My  

    Andrew Pinelli is honestly the most intellectually stimulating person I've ever had a conversation with.

  14. Congratulations.  

    Notice how few, if any, of these people spend their days boosting their Klout scores. True respect for then rather than the campus popularity tools.

  15. jack  

    whats the gpa cuttoff?

  16. Anonymous  


  17. JGH REUNION!  


  18. Anonymous  

    Congrats Scott!!!!!

  19. Anonymous  

    whats the cutoff

  20. Anonymous

    Wow. Congratulations!!!

  21. Anonymous

    corey dansereau is a legend

  22. Anonymous

    Only more reasons to fuck Corey Dansereau

  23. Anonymous

    Can you post Barnard's?

  24. Anonymous

    Gosh that bandie's terrific brain


  25. Anonymous  

    congrats Andrew!!!!

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