ESC: Riding High on WiFi (And Other Happenings)

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If ESC is the child, who is the father? You are the father!

If ESC is the child, who is the father? You are the father!

Bwogger Keenan brings you news. Read it. Enjoy it. Talk about it. Or just print it out and frame it above your bed. Your choice.

ESC held their last second-to-last meeting of the semester this Friday Monday as they all prepared to go hide in a cave for a bit somewhere. Before spelunking ensued, however, some exciting things went down up in Lerner. In case you hadn’t heard, all Law-affiliated facilities will soon have public WiFi access, thanks to ESC’s efforts. The system is expected to be up and running by March 14th (pi day!).  But don’t fret, there was some more big news to be had.

After Dean Terry Martinez announced that she will not be seeking a permanent position, a nationwide search for a replacement Dean of Student Affairs ensued. ESC will be taking part via two members who will sit on the selection board. Some qualities ESC is looking for in the new dean noted during the meeting include personability, speaking skills, and a strong track record of inventing non-combustible time machines (two of these are true).

It also appears Lerner will soon see phone charging stations springing up in the piano lounge and east and west ramps. Decisions for further charger station implementations are in the works, and Mac chargers are a possibility for the near future. Good on ya, ESC. Lerner will also see a bit of a facelift with the installation of ecoreps whiteboards in some spaces. Last but certainly not least, ESC has prepared a policy calling for University Event Management to require student groups to cancel space reservations three days in advance if a reserved area will go unused—a group’s compliance with the possible new policy will determine if they can request space in the future. Expect a vote on this in the coming semester.

But now, of course, it’s time to get down and dirty with the nitty gritty details:

  • Advertising for the Treelighting Ceremony has lit up (hur hur), with Facebook invites galore sent out during the meeting. Treelighting and the Yule Log Ceremony are on December 5th.
  • The USenate quality of life survey report is nearly complete and will be distributed soon.
  • SEAS will not be participating in electronic add/drop next semester. Prepare to run around with your paper forms just like in the good ol’ days.The Class of 2015 will be distributing class sweaters next semester (but we’re so cold doe), with pre-orders coming soon.
  • The Columbia Math Tournament (sponsored by ESC) went over well with a few minor timing hiccups.
  • A survey for Dean Boyce’s proposed makerspace will be distributed soon to get a feel for what the student body would like to see included.
  • A resolution supporting the release of sexual assault data, written after a visitation from CU Dems, was passed.
  • An honor code draft is ready and will be sent to the Committee on Instruction next week for initial approval.

That’s that. Have a fantastic break.

ESC meets every Monday at 9:30 PM in the Lerner Satow Room (except, y’know, not until next semester).

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