CCSC: Back So Soon?

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Wow that was a serious meeting
Wow that was a serious meeting

An interpretive dance to describe CCSC and this sad time of year.

Thanksgiving break might be over, and finals almost upon us, but CCSC has not given up hope. Not yet. Joseph Milholland brings us the update from the December 1st meeting. It’s December now. Wow.

Our inevitable return to classes after our Thanksgiving reprieve was marked at the December 1 CCSC meeting with two alumni representatives to demonstrate we are all heading to an inevitable entrance into the real world. The guests were the presidents of the Columbia College Alumni Association (CCAA) and the Columbia College Young Alumni (CYA) to talk about “alumni engagement.”

According to the CCAA president, the alumni’s relationship with Alumni Affairs is not “strong” in general. While “reunions have come a long way,” their “regular relations” with Columbia “haven’t come along.” The CCYA president stressed that his organization was “relatively new,” and he initially joined it in 2008 when it was in “survival mode” with “no clear identity,” although he and others have worked to improve its vision since then.

The two presidents in their speeches to the council set out a vision of creating a tradition of alumni-student relations at Columbia. They also touched on problems with senior fund and LionLink. A council member suggested that student organizations meet with alumni from their organizations. The CCYA president said to “never to talk about” raising funds but to create an “environment” where people will want to give money to Columbia. The president also wants to have parties with students, but if it’s a “Columbia sanctioned event,” there are issues with alcohol. The CCYA president also had a message for students: “Once you graduate, it’s a cold, dark world out there.” That fact is why he thinks alumni connections are important.

After that, two MilVets came to talk about the veteran community at Columbia. In the past, they lobbied politicians for changes to the GI Bill. Now that they have accomplished their political goal, they want to make themselves a “known presence” on campus. They want to send care packages to people serving in the military who are associated with Columbia. They are asking for $400 from each council for the shipping and packaging costs.

Two more MilVets also were in attendance to talk about promotion for Toys for Tots. They have two Toys for Tots bins around Columbia, including one near the Lerner Party Space, and they are asking CCSC to inform students about Toys for Tots at Columbia.

The council then elected Jordana Narin, CC ’17, to the Election Board. She wants more budgetary regulations in student elections. She also wants to “incentivize voting,” petiions, and surveys. One suggestion was “democracy points” to increase voter turn out.

The council then looked at a resolution asking for an “UEM advisory committee” with a goal of an online, real-time program that will make it easy for student groups to book spaces on campus. The council will not vote on the resolution until suggestions are given from other student councils.

Finally, “I am light blue” has changed to “Our Blue” (“capitalization unclear,” said President Chen).

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