Columbia Wushu Destroys

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Most impressive.
Most impressive.

But was it all dramatically backlit?

While everyone else was off at home eating absurd amounts of turkey and trying not to fight with family, the Columbia Wushu team was winning. At almost everything:

This weekend, the Columbia Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts) team traveled to the University of Maryland for the 9th Annual University Wushu Games. The competition brings together collegiate Wushu teams from across the east coast and the Columbia team performed extremely well! Out of the 13 members who traveled with us, 9 competed and 9 medaled!

Tim Xiaoming Wang (CC’17) – Male Beginner Longfist – 2nd place
Peter Liu (Graduate School SEAS, Grad Program’15) – Male Beginner Longfist – 1st place
Dorthy Fang (CC’17) – Female Beginner Longfist – 2nd place
Melodie Zhu (BC’13) – Female Beginner Longfist – 1st place, Female Beginner Straightsword – 2nd place
Richard Leong (CC’14) – Male Intermediate Longfist – 3rd place
Fred Francoeur (SEAS’12) – Male Intermediate Longfist – 2nd place
Victoria Cui (CC’15) – Female Intermediate Broadsword – 1st place
Cheng Wang (Graduate School GSAS’14) – Male Beginner Tai Chi – 1st place, Male Beginner Tai Chi Sword – 1st place
Selyny Zhang (PhD Candidate CLS, Visiting Fellow’13) – Female Advanced Tai Chi – 1st place, Female Advanced Tai Chi Sword – 1st place

The team’s Facebookpage keeps all the information on activities and domination.

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  1. Columbia Wushu  

    is amazing!
    also their president, Richard Leong, is sooooo cute.

  2. columbia football star  

    so you dont report about football but you report on this shit?

  3. Anonymous  

    Chinese wushu is complete bullshit. Once upon a time, being a kung fu master actually meant you could succeed in a no-holds-barred fight. At this point wushu is nothing more than a fancy martial dance. They may as well be participating in a ballet competition. If you actually want to see effective fighting techniques, go do MMA.

  4. Anonymous  

    @Anonymous: dont hate, appreciate! wushu has a sparring format called "san da" that doesn't exist in the US because there IS already a mma system. Wushu is a sport as well as an art and promotes much more than just brutal takedowns and violent knock outs. And each to his/her own, but I like watching wushu much more than ballet ^^

    • Anonymous  

      @Anonymous: Sanda/Sanshou is a fine fighting system, but it's not kung fu at all. Sanda became popular after wushu fighters got creamed by Thai Boxers. Guess what forms the main striking base in MMA? Thai boxing.

      Sanshou was just developed because the Chinese are too proud to acknowledge that their centuries of fancy martial dancing couldn't compare to actually fighting in a ring. Sanshou is nothing more than a modified system of thai boxing which incorporates throws and catches.

      I am Chinese, but I seriously cannot endorse wushu as an actual fighting system. Wushu is nothing more than a fancy martial dance.

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