Where Has the Time Gone?

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While you’ve been studying hard in Butler streaming Netflix and exploring this city’s myriad of cultural attractions vomiting in 1020’s bathroom, Father Time–in cahoots with PrezBo and the registrar–has been whittling away at the days remaining before finals. With Thanksgiving break so late this year, Bwog was truly surprised to hear talk of “only two classes remaining” and “peace-ing out for good while you guys slave away on those readings.” In the spirit of tradition, let’s review the stats calmly.

1 – Number of full weeks left of classes, including today

0 – Number of full weeks left of classes, actually

4 – Number of possible days for you to have classes

10 – Number of days before finals officially begin (Friday, December 13)

17 – Number of days before finals end (Thursday, December 19)

13 – Number of weeks since the semester began

62 – Number of days of class since the start of the semester

3 – Number of reading days to make up for those 62 days

0 – Number of football games won by Columbia this season

4 – Number of security alerts this semester

2 – Number of ceilings reported to have fallen this semester

In a mere 17 days, all of your worries will be gone, and you can go home to Mommy and Daddy to open up your presents and a book that you actually want to read! Until then, rip of the plastic cover of your textbook, sneak in to your professor’s final office hours, review notes from the times you did go to class, and take some study breaks with your friends. We repeat, there are only 17 days to influence your grade, tackle that essay, and participate in class for the first time. The madness has begun, but, in the words of the Ryan Gosling meme, “Hey [insert name here], good luck with finals. I believe in you.”

Maybe helpful encouragement from Leo via Buzzfeed

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