Cooooommee To Orgo Night

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  1. puts

    the CUM in CUMB. impressed that it's two ladies

  2. Anonymous  

    @puts: After the band's drag performance, the band continues to break gender roles.

  3. Campos

    My orgo final is actually on the 18th. See you then.

  4. wait

    i dont know if im ok with a world in which the cumb pleases me rather than offends me

  5. Anonymous  

    Lol that crepe culture joke was fucking brilliant. I love the Marching Band. Best student group on campus.

  6. Can

    Can someone make a gif of the taking the shirt off and it's actually a rugby?

  7. Anonymous

    I like this strip better than the Gaza Strip

  8. Anonymous  

    Evelyn Jagoda, PBK inductee, ladies and gentleman

    She does us proud

  9. Anonymous  

    Someone has a Columbia admirer!

  10. G(Tb)^2  

    Get the band to Bwog

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