Choam Nomsky, Lamous Finguist (Among Many Other Things) Speaks… Twice

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He's turning 85 this weekend guys, that's effing amazing.

He’s turning 85 this weekend guys, that’s effing amazing.

Heyyyyyy, so this is kind of a big deal:  Noam Chomsky, MIT professor and long time genius badass radical, is having his second of three speeches for Columbia Philosophy’s prestigious Dewey Lectures tonight.  The title of the speech is “What Can We Understand?”  It will be at 6:15 in Davis Auditorium on the fourth floor of the Schapiro Center.  He will also be delivering a speech entitled, “What is the Common Good?” tomorrow afternoon at 4:15 in 501 Schermerhorn.

And here’s a bit of inside info by way of the Philosophy Department: show up early; his speech last night turned away several people. Bwog has already been fangirling/plans to camp out in line.


Choam Nomsky via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. ya boy

    god i love first person plural exclusive it's like hey yo back off i said us not you but it's like real polite tho

  2. How

    long was the line? was there really camping (like 1+hour?)

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