Tree Lighting 2013: A Comprehensive Review

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Anyone else notice that no trees are actually lit in this photo?

A significant portion of our staff was unwilling unable to attend the Tree Lighting Ceremony last night, but hey—ain’t those lights pretty? This year’s Tree Lighting has been lovingly summed up by the one staffer who actually sat through the whole thing:

Singing was boring.

Speeches were boring.

Oh one minute of silence for Nelson Mandela. That was nice.

Hot coco and hot cider. Also, marshmallows, cookies, and sweets. That was nice.

I just wanted to get over with it and see the lights. Teasers.

Image via krashmedia on Instagram

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  1. CC 16  

    People complain about bwog but you've gotta admire the effort here. Really went all out on this article.

  2. Anonymous

    Really? Does nothing make us happy? Do we have to be angsty and superior about everything, all the time? I'm exhausted.

  3. cc'14  

    bwog seriously everyone is tired of your fucking shit. write real articles or take down the fucking website so that you can't disgrace yourselves or Columbia any further. yeesh.

  4. lol  

    i see spec was here

  5. Ok

    I get that putting "Journalism" as a tag is ironic because this is really awful journalism. But can you really afford to make that joke?

  6. Really?

    The speeches were horrendously bad.

    "I'd like to talk about what light represents, more generally." Fucking really?

  7. CC gal  

    Why didn't Dean Awn make a speech? Hearing him speak has always been the highlight of the event for me.

  8. SarcasmIsAppropriateHere  

    I totally agree with Bwog. It was reaaaaaaally boring (unlike last year), and so this is what the event deserves.
    And I did find this article funny. ;)

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