Bwog Asked: What Is Your Happy Place?

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"Remember those days before finals when everything was good and nothing hurt?"

“Remember those days before finals when everything was good and nothing hurt?”

Momma Bwog is already worried about all of you kids being sad and your mental health and it’s not even the last day of classes yet. To cheer you all up and bring you back to some happier times away from work, Bwoggers bugged¬†asked tonight’s patrons of Butler what is their happy place to survive finals?

Smoker’s Plaza

  • Not here…
  • Here! Not there (pointing at Butler)
  • Having a joint outside of Butler instead of a cigarette… hypothetically speaking of course ; – )
  • Not my bed because my room is freezing…
  • My bed!
  • Orgasm.

3rd Floor

  • St. Bart’s
  • Home
  • My bed
  • A room full of cats
  • Girl with headphones: “What…? I’ve never really thought about it.”
  • Person hiding in the stairwell: “The Heights!”

4th Floor

  • Probably my bed. (Public health school)
  • My sister’s bed.
  • Going for a walk.
  • Listening to music.
  • Watching a movie.
  • Riverside park. At 100th.
  • My room.
  • My room with the Christmas lights on.

5th Floor

  • the beach
  • 202 in Butler because he likes social study atmosphere
  • back patio watching the sunset at home in Seattle
  • Barcelona in the summer
  • submerged in white mocha chocolate

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  1. SEAS 15  

    I lol'd at the "I Dreamed A Dream" Link omg~ :) Thank You Bwog for making us laugh during these stressful times

  2. Anonymous  

    The person hiding in the stairwell would like The Heights.

  3. Spec Opinion Columnist  

    St. Bart's?! Barcelona in the summer?! Christmas lights in your OWN room?! My God, the privilege at this place makes me so sick! I just can't...

  4. CC'16  

    the "my sister's bed" one could either be very sweet, or very very creepy

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