SuiteHop: The Magic of Disney Minus Sweaty Men in Costumes

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Da fuq Disney?

Da fuq Disney?

Bwog always loves a good Suite and admires those you take the effort to make their space unique and f@b. Design dilettante Lauren Beltrone dons her Mickey Ears and grabs her Fastpass for a tour.

Welcome to Suite 1610, where there’s a speaker system in the bathroom, enough comfy couches to seat a small army, and cool tchotchkes that could belong in Epcot. Dreams really do come true.

As you stroll into Suite 1610, a map of Disneyland greets you. That’s the name of this hip pad inhabited by Gabrielle Beans, Erica Bower, Bintu Conteh, Marcela Johnson, and Raphaëlle Debenedetti (all CC ’14). According to Bwog’s own Alma Bwogger Debenedtti, who eagerly guided my tour, each member of the suite represents a land. Suitemate Gabrielle, for example, “is queen of Tomorrowland. She is the future.”

Colorful tapestries adorn the walls of Disneyland’s kitchen and lounge. Upon inquiring, I found out that the fabrics are “actually skirts that Erica decided would better serve as wall hangings than every day attire…though there have been a few instances when she took them down to wear for a day.”

A walk around lounge reveals a handful of noteworthy artifacts, including but not limited Tanzanian chessboard, a real pair of skis, and an impressive postcard collection (all pictured below).

At this magical palace, you don’t have to subject your iPhone to the bottom of the sink to crank tunes in the shower. The suitemates of Disneyland have actually installed speakers to enjoy music for any occasion in the bathroom. What’s their music of choice? “It varies from Mozart: Piano Concert #17 in G, K453- Allegro all the way to Flosstradamus’ Original Don,” adds Debenedtti. She also sees the music as a good way to naturally gauge shower lengths.

Overall, Disneyland simply has a good vibe. It’s the sort of place in which you want to curl up with a cup of herbal tea and get to know people, a place full of discussion pieces and stories waiting to be told.

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