Live at Lerner: Movie Night

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check with the health department first though.
check with the health department first though.

Like this but with “real food” from JJs.

It snowed yesterday, which makes it officially almost winter break. That and looming finals. Which is why Live at Lerner and Ferris Reel Film Society are bringing you dinner and a movie. Not that it won’t be hard to find a friend with extra swipes in case you miss out on the free ones:

‘Tis the season: we’re screening Love Actually. In JJ’s Place. The last day of classes. Grab your friends and head over to JJ’s for the ultimate dinner and a movie! You already know it’s going to be the cutest of cute things.

Don’t have a meal plan? Live at Lerner has 100 vouchers to cover students who can’t swipe in to JJ’s Place. The vouchers are first-come, first-served and will probably go quickly.

Involuntary face of disgust from cheesy holiday movie via Shutterstock.

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