Don’t Be Greedy, Get “Greedy”

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The hyper-talented Taylor Simone, CC’14, has been entertaining Columbia with her soulful voice since she arrived on campus four years ago. Earlier this year she self-produced and released a seriously fantastic EP, Songs From The Front Yard.” Now Taylor, along with roommate Soleil Grant, also CC’14, want to make a professional-quality music video for bonus track “Greedy.”

They were able to pull together a crew including director Erica Rose and Dreamtiger Productions, and all participating members are working totally for free. However, they still need some money for equipment rentals, extra crew, space, props, permits, and so on. This is where you come in. Taylor and Erica have just two days left on their Indiegogo campaign. Will you take the call to action, or will you greedily (get it?!?!) keep all your money for yourself?

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  1. Taylor Fan  

    Yea Taylor! Pumped to see the final product

  2. Anonymous  

    she's great, not so original. cue the lauryn hill CD.

  3. She's dope!! Can't wait to see what she delivers in 2014! Imma a fan! :) hollah at a young playaaaaaa

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