Spotted: Deantini Handing Out Candy Canes in 209

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Hunched over a never-ending study guide that could have probably been started tomorrow, Bwog lifted their eyes from the blinding white screen to see a pure Christmas miracle. Carrying a precious little canvas tote, Deantini was, dare we say, frolicking through the bleak room of Butler 209 around 8:30pm tonight handing out candy canes. A true miracle has been witnessed by us all on this inaugural night of Reading Days. May your hearts flutter with joy as Bwog’s did for a brief second before realizing they were only half way through this shitty study guide. Keep your heads down and work hard, kids. Deantini is rooting for you.

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  1. Anonymous

    Those candy canes are coming out of their flex accounts. Nothing at Columbia is free.

  2. SadToKnowButlerThisWell  

    First pic is not in 209. 209 doesn't have 4 person tables, that's probably 403.

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