Bwog in Bed: First Day of Reading Week (Take 2)

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We all know what "finals" are code for.

We all know what “finals” are code for.

Even though yesterday was the first day of reading week (reading group of day[s]?) we know you didn’t actually study. So we will officially take 2, and call this the first day of reading week. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Bwogline: Here’s a  thought-provoking article outlining all of Spec’s best articles from 2013.  Written by Spec of course. (Spec) (SPEC!)

Finals Tip: If you find yourself saying “I need a drink” you really need two.

Procrastinate: Play Find the Invisible Cow. In Butler. With the volume on high.     You will thank us.

Overheard: As pulled from the Saint A’s (possibly trolled?) twitter account:

“It’s days like these I am thankful for the sauna in my basement and the jacuzzi on my roof.”

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