Bwog in Bed: Tomorrow, Tomorrow

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Pretty, but so easy to lose!

Pretty, but so easy to lose!

Oh god, the first day of finals is tomorrow. That’s terrifying. Hop in bed with Bwog for a minute and let us take your mind off the inexorable march of time.

Bwogline:  Getting ready to wake up for that 9 am final tomorrow?  Good luck. (The New Yorker)

Finals Tip: Show up at least half an hour late to your exam, to show your professor you’re confident in your knowledge.

Procrastinate:  One of the best, most classic browser games of all time.


From outside a tipsters window:

“I don’t give a flying fuck! Where are my heels!?” Inaudible screaming continued.
Ah, life in the Barnard quad.
Heels via Shutterstock

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  1. Anonymous  

    Thank you for reminding me about that game and now to download it onto my phone

  2. Sad Alum

    Nice first tag. some things dont change ever

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