Congrats New Barnard PBK Inductees!

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Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 5.14.13 PMPeel your eyes off those LitHum study guides CC flashcards Netflix and get ready to congratulate some lovely ladies. Phi Beta Kappa just announced its newly elected members at Barnard, so be sure to give them big hugs/ high-fives/ whatever you think is appropriate.

We’ve included a picture of the list on the right, but just in case you can’t read the names, here they are:

Danielle Arje

Rachel A. Barnes

Dare Anne Speers Brawley

Kacie Lynn Dragon

Rabia Iqbal

Elianna Tova Kaplowitz

Daniella Mael

Michelle Ann Schwartz

Ana Svibruck

Lacey Tompkins

Ellen Dulsky Watkins

Yintian Yang

Congrats, ladies! Y’all are rockstars.


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  1. kacie  

    you rock!! woot. Best RA eva.

  2. Rabia

    Woohoo Rabia!! Congrats! Go Barnard chemistry :)

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