Bwog In Bed: Sup, Underclassmen?

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Shout out to all of you taking Lit Hum and CC tests today.  Good luck!  You can do it.

Bwogline: Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce. (iTunes, LATimes, YouTube, BuzzFeed, Beyonce, True Love all to the tune of Versace)

Finals Tip: If it’s consumed in the library/within two hours of a final/out of a ramen cup, it has no calories.

Procrastinate: In case you’ve been trying to decide if B-School is worth your time and money (if you’re not gonna watch the whole thing, at least skip to 4:35 for some hate watching):

Overheard: On the walkie talkie of the guy cleaning Hamilton:

“The entire girl’s basketball team is sleeping in their locker room. What should I do?”

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  1. Anonymous  

    this video is the best thing I've watched all week

  2. the video was cute  

    but then they had to go and ruin it with the undergrad hate.

    i WANTED to like it guys, i really did.

  3. Anonymous  

    video is horrible. shame to all of b-school. But that comment about the women's basketball team tho: hilarious.

  4. CC 14  

    Once again proving that the B school students are the only ones around here with free time.

  5. Racism  

    "Oh my god! I just murdered a student!"

    "Aw, don't worry about that. He was just black."

  6. alum

    Yo Business School Fuckers. Last time I checked, the CBS admit rate was 16%. CC was 7.4%. Oh yea, and a bunch of your professors helped fuck over the economy a few years ago. So stop being such elitist fucktards. You have nothing to be proud of.

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