Finally Putting MechE To Good Use

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Late one night, Bwog received this tip from an enterprising Butlerite:

An archaic fix to an archaic problem: one of the stalls in the men’s room outside butler 209 has had a broken lock for YEARS. It took one brave, yet disgruntled mechanical engineering student to finally do something about it.

Your not-so-anonymous tipster/resident tinkerer,
Justin Birmingham

jbirms butler bathroom lock

Eager to find out more about this innovative invention, Bwog followed up with Justin, SEAS’15, on this masterful invention:

Justin Birmingham: I’ve been scheming that string fix for months, after being walked in on in that stall at least 3 times.

Bwog: It looks very well thought out. Which cad program did you use to simulate the stress?

Justin Birmingham: PTC Creo.

Bwog: Wow. Did you encounter any problems in the manufacturing process?

Justin Birmingham: I used my pocket knife, which has an intrinsic error margin of plus or minus 3mm. That could open up some potentially big problems in mass production.

Bwog: True, but we noticed that it does have very few parts on the bill of materials, that will certainly help with cost.

Justin Birmingham: Yeah but manual labor is expensive. I dont have a fucking knot-tying machine, bro.

Bwog: Do you have any ideas for improving the process in the future?

Justin Birmingham: More string. More poop.

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  1. fucking columbia students  

    tying a knot is a feat of engineering? it's common sense.

  2. Anonymous  

    Only an engineer would consider taking a shit in the 2nd floor men's room. Disgusting.

  3. Justin Birmingham  

    Thanks for posting this, Bwog! I hope a potential employer sees this and gives me a job for being inventive and stuff!
    To the haters out there, keep hatin'. Somebody's gotta do it ;)

  4. Admirer  

    This is the best. I love people who fix communal things that have always been broken!

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