Bwog In Bed: The Last Lazy Sunday

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We're regressing

We’re regressing

After last night’s “snowstorm” revelries, we invite you all to crawl into bed with us for a few more minutes on this last lazy Sunday of the year. You’re so close to the end of finals you can taste it. There’s still studying and essay writing to be done, but that can all wait for just a bit. We’ve got plenty of pillows.

Bwogline: Had a missed connection in the snow this week? (NYT)

Finals tip: Don’t actually sleep—just check your watch and keep taking 5-hour energies until your last final is over.

Procrastinate: Guide these sheep home. Yes, the sheep are a metaphor for you.


Two rather loud girls in the stacks:
Girl 1: You know people here have sex in the stacks? It’s, like, an thing.
Girl 2: Really?? Ew.
Girl 1: Yeah, like that’s ALL people do in here.
Tipster (in head): Actually some of us study, too.

How you feel via Wikimedia

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