Bwog in Bed: The Beginning of the End

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Whether today is your ticket to freedom or the beginning of a new wave of finals, Bwog invites you to hop in bed with us for a few minutes before you start your Monday. Oh, you thought we meant that in a sexual way? Get your mind out of the gutter. This is about cuddling and being lazy, dammit.

Update: CUIT informs us that Courseworks is back up, and has been since 10 a.m.

Breaking: Courseworks is down, as are many things CUIT related, because the authentication servers aren’t working. That means no printing, secure Wi-Fi, or anything using your password. Good luck to you all.

Bwogline: Bwog contemplates what it would be like to kiss Jennifer Lawrence with perhaps the most glorious but useless piece of information ever. (Yahoo)

Finals tip: Tattoo important quotations onto your skin. This way, you’ll never be caught off guard on an IDs section.

Procrastinate: If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, just be glad you’re not caught in the middle of a goose tsunami. Yes, your read that right. A GOOSE TSUNAMI.


The church on 114th takes its Christmas pageantry very seriously.


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