‘Twas The Dark Night Of The Soul, And All Through The House…

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decapitated snowperson

….not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

We’ve all had some dark nights lately. We’re all likely to have a few more before Friday. Tonight, let us gather in honor and tribute of those souls who briefly succumbed to that darkness, and provided us both with photographic evidence and solemn remembrance.

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  1. it's britney bitch  


  2. Anonymous

    This is why everyone hates Columbia.

  3. anon  

    Sometimes you just gotta rub one out to help you think more clearly.....

  4. HEY BWOG  

    Not cool. You used a duplicate photo from another article (the one that resembles coke).

    Yes, I noticed.

  5. Alum

    I graduated with top grades, got into an ivy med school and NEVR did an all nighter. There is nothing cool or good about spending a lot of time in Butler. Just manage your time better. Come on people.

    • great story  

      can you tell it again?

    • Anonymous

      I totally resonate with this. LEARN TO MANAGE YOUR TIME AND COMMITMENTS PEOPLE!

    • in eye  

      WOW manage my time better. Why didn't I think of that!?

    • -_-

      10 bucks says this is someone who doesn't have student loans, wasn't on work-study, never had to take on a part-time job or babysitting or tutoring. It's easier to manage your time if you don't have to worry about making ends meet.

      • CC  

        Yep. And the thing about med school is that the only thing you need to do to work towards your career is do well academically-- the actual career stuff just gets put off for a few extra years while you do all your schooling. I could graduate with honors too if I wasn't worried about spending 20 hours a week at internships so that I can get a job when I graduate...

        • You sound uninformed and bitter

          Medical schools, on top of requiring at minimum a 3.7 and at least a 90th percentile score on the MCAT, look for individuals that contribute to their community, conduct research, and hone different interests and skills. No pre-med student that knows what they are doing only works to get good grades.

          One more piece of advice would be to make due with the hand you've been dealt--hard work pays off and is noticed by employers.

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