Study Break It Down With Sun Looks Down

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Take a momentary break from your finals panic to listen to some of your talented peers. Sun Looks Down—Spencer Horstman, Jacob Sunshine, David Su, all CC’14, and Diana Flanagan, CC’15—just dropped their first official single, Moonshine, and it sounds awesome. Their full EP will be available in late January, but for now you can listen to this and sway around your room for a few minutes:

You can also check out a snazzy preview for their upcoming EP:

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  1. Thomas the Tank Engine

    David Su is my hero!

  2. Anonymous

    glad the tag included the word "necessarily" because i may wanna jack off to 4:28

  3. anon

    diana has the voice of a goddess hot damn

  4. get connected with SLD on the social network.  
  5. Anonymous

    such shallow depth of field

  6. Anonymous  

    Sun Looks Down rocks! Go see them live asap

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