Boroughs Maps: What Columbia Thinks Of Columbia

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Cramming for that last final has probably made you forget that Bwog promised to make beautiful maps from your Columbia borough poll results. Don’t worry; Bwog never forgets.

The Boroughs

  • Butler & Columbia Campus (Manhattan)
  • Below 114th on Broadway (Brooklyn)
  • Below 114th on Amsterdam (Queens)
  • Barnard Campus & West of Broadway (Staten Island)
  • EC & East of Amsterdam (Bronx)

In case you forgot what the boroughs were


such helvetica

The Maps

Columbia Borough Maps Most yuppies-

Y’all couldn’t decide where the yuppies are, but agreed that EC doesn’t have them.


Hipsters: they’re everywhere!

Columbia Borough Maps Best bars-

Half of you like 1020; the other half liked The Heights. And a few thought Butler had the best bars.

Columbia Borough Maps Best food

Definitely not the dining halls.

Columbia Borough Maps Worst food

But East of Amsterdam has a halal cart!

Columbia Borough Maps Worst tourists

Before you came to Columbia, you probably walked as slowly as they do.

Columbia Borough Maps Most attractive people

Everyone is attractive except below 114th on Amsterdam…

Columbia Borough Maps Least attractive people

…but at the same time, everyone’s unattractive. Because that makes sense.

Columbia Borough Maps Most overpriced

Man, those $60 sweatshirts in the bookstore.

Columbia Borough Maps Most underpriced

Not sure what you guys are buying in EC, but alright.

Columbia Borough Maps Best parties


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  1. Anon

    This is aesthetically displeasing.

  2. Hi

    I'm kinda bored, can u plz thumb this down so I can get the thumps down record? I need excitement.

  3. TheAlienated

    That's cool, not like anyone above 120th gives one gratifying fuck about your hegemonic bullshit.

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