Bwog In Bed: You’re Probably Already Home But We’re Still Here So Shhh

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a true hero

Spotted. A world full of snow heroes in today’s Bwog in Bed.

We don’t give a shit if you’re already home and playing with your cat. At least one Bwogger still has 2 exams and a paper left as of this morning, so put up with us for our penultimate Bwog in Bed of 2013.

Bwogline: Rich Ellerson was fired as West Point’s football coach after going 3-9 for the season—and, notably, losing to Navy consecutively in his time as coach. We don’t think that record is that bad…

Finals tip: Dress great, never sleep, CU does it well.

Procrastinate: Learn something.

Overseen: He did it after all.

a true hero

God bless you, and god bless America


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  1. Anonymous

    its funny that you caption the photo of the kayak guy as "God bless America" because David is an international student. lolz

  2. Anonymous

    Its supposed to be 70 degrees on Sunday.

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