All Bwog Wants For Christmas The Holidays Is You

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What an ugly color scheme

Per tradition, we bring you holiday wishes from your favorite people on campus. It’s officially winter break, so get home and indulge.  Bwog will be gone for the most part, though sporadically stopping in to say “hey” when we get bored.  Enjoy your time!

Your Student Leaders:

Daphne Chen (CCSC President): I want a clean inbox.

Sidd Bhatt (ESC President): All I want for the holidays is the beautiful beach weather back home, mommy/daddy hugs and a couple more semesters at college!

Sejal Singh (CU Dems President): I want a selfie with Joe Biden.

Conan Cassidy (CCSC’14 President): To see my mum.

Kate Christensen (CUCR): Besides tax cuts for the wealthy, I would like to spend a day in the studio with Cindy Sherman helping her style and shoot her next portrait series.

Rakhi Agrawal (SWP): The ability to become best friends with everyone at Columbia. Seriously though.

Finn Vigeland (outgoing Spec managing editor): I’d like an HBO GO account so people can stop asking me why I still haven’t seen “Game of Thrones.” I’d also like for Klout to suspend tracking your score when you’re not at school so that it doesn’t die even though you were just on vacation, OK?!

Sammy Roth (outgoing Spec EIC): I’d like to see the Dodgers win the World Series! Also, for Westside to follow me wherever I go after I graduate.

Marc Heinrich (University Senator): I’d love a Milano meal plan for the holidays.

Akshay Shah (University Senator): To taste my mom’s home cooked food after a long time, which I will! :)

Profs and Librarians:

Shamus Khan: No grade complaints.

Reyes Llopis-Garcia: All necessary superpowers to pass my 5th Year Review with flying colors! And good health & happy times for all in ’14!

@barnlib: I answered this last year, and I’m afraid my answer hasn’t changed. More staff and more sleep. And BWOG love, of course!

Karen Green (Queen of Librarians): I would like a complete list of philanthropic CU alumni who have a passion for comics and graphic novels. You probably saw this announcement yesterday, and it would be great to have enough funds to expand the circulating collection, go after big-ticket archival collections, and hire staff to process the archives we have. Yeah. I’d like that a LOT.

We Really Do Love Our Admins:

Kat Cutler (Director of Communications): Doesn’t want anything—she’s going to Paris!

Terry Martinez (Interim Dean of Student Affairs): To be at home and enjoy the quiet.  She’d like family, quiet, nice wine, a good fire, and a trashy book.

Todd Smith-Bergollo (Student Affairs): He’ll be relaxing, unwinding, spending time with family.  He wants days with nothing to do.


114th coffee cart man: To be able to see his family in Egypt.

Ezra Koenig: Wants Svokos to stop bothering him.

Addie (Woodbridge security guard): What do I want? A million dollars. But realistically my passport, trademark, and driver’s license.

Alex from 1020: I have everything I want!  I’m a Grinch!

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  1. Anonymous

    What other holiday than Christmas can it possibly be? Come on Bwog

  2. i totally thought  

    the 'tax cuts for the wealthy' one was a joke until i realized it wasn't

  3. Anonymous  

    "114th coffee cart man: To be able to see his family in Egypt."

    Well shit just got real.

  4. student leaders  

    student leaders wellness student leaders

  5. Addie from Woodbridge

    is amazing! So much love for her. Watch out y'all, she's going to be famous.

  6. But what about

    Wilfred Chan?

  7. Terry Martinez

    is my typa gal

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