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We had a blue christmas without you btw
We had a blue christmas without you btw

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Things have been happening in the wide world while Columbia students are still hibernating on break. Here are some Columbia-related things you might have missed.

Columbia is trying to beat Chicago to erect a Barack Obama library. However, plans for a Prezbo library are pure speculation. (Chicago Business)

The Dean of Advising for Columbia College and SEAS, Dr. Monique Rinere, got married. Congratulations! (NY Times)

Columbia continues to get called out on a lack of transparency with regards to sexual violence and a lack of response to the CU Dems petition. (Youngist)

Athena Film Festival announced its lineup and it looks amazing.

Some NCAA athletes are basically illiterate. Thanks to Lit Hum and the rest of the Core, none of them attend Columbia (CNN).

“Korea’s Justin Bieber” is back at Columbia after some time off. Bwog loves you and your fans, AJ. (NY Post)

C.T. Hsia, a noted professor at Columbia for three decades, passed away. (NY Times)

If you’ve ever wondered what the best plays about American history were, then look no further: The Edward M. Kennedy Prize finalists were announced for 2014. It’s a prize for Drama Inspired by American History, by the way. (CU Libraries.)

And finally, WTF Columbia indeed.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wait guys did one of you make that video? Cause it's kind of amazing.

  2. Anonymous

    that kid would be disappointed by our exclusively female cheer team

  3. Anonymous  


  4. What

    What did I just watch?4

  5. convicted pope

    Columbia might be throwing its weight around, but inside sources doubt that the Obama library will go anywhere but Hyde Park.

    • Anonymous  

      Columbia leaders I talked to said they had decided not to make a serious bid on the Obama library due to his super strong Chicago connection, and our existing space crunch.

  6. You have to be super smart

    to even get an application

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