PSA: Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander Visiting Tom’s

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About an hour ago, New Yorker Ali Phil spotted Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander casually walking into Tom’s Restaurant. If you saw this happen, please send your pictures to or use our anonymous tip form!

She also said that they were accompanied by a camera crew. Some people say it’s a fake photo because he has hair now, but in the words of an anonymous Bwog staffer, “fake hair don’t care.”

Update (4:26 pm): Tipster Steven Mohammed sent in this photo. Rumor has it that they were shooting a Super Bowl commercial, although they never used the restaurant’s interior on the original Seinfeld show.


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  1. Bob Sacamano  

    It's probably for the documentary they're making about the Seinfeld diner.

  2. umm

    no way does Tom have an A rating

  3. Jerry Seinfeld is my hero

    How did I miss this?!?!

  4. It's most likely for Seinfeld's web series 'Comedians in cars getting coffee'.

  5. Anonymous

    hopefully they make a joke that the inside of the restaurant looks nothing like the show

  6. fastidious

    I'm hoping Ali Phil hasn't been accepted INTO Columbia?

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