R.I.P. Work-“Study”

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This is still okay

This is still okay

In an email addressed to Public Safety student aids, the administrative coordinator for the program laid down some draconian new rules:

Effective immediately student will no longer be permitted to study on post, have a laptop on post, or read anything other than post related instructions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me either by telephone or email.*

So maybe students can still listen to music and chat with their friends that swipe into dorms, but this job just got a whole lot less appealing.

We’re not sure what caused the sudden change in policy, but in other safety-related news, Gothamist reported a woman nearly being raped at the 110th subway station last week, and on Monday a woman stole property from the 6th floor of Dodge Hall.

*[The formatting is Bwog’s, though the grammar mistakes are not]

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  1. Anonymous

    Nearly being raped at W110th at 3 fucking pm? This makes me feel so unsafe. What the fuck.

  2. Whew

    For a second I thought this was for all work study jobs. I had a job where we got to watch movies, do homework, and eat food the whole time. And it was a dream. :)

  3. former student aid  

    What the fuck, this is the worst.

  4. Former FWS Student

    Work study is only made bearable by the fact that you can get a lot of studying/homework done while you sit through your several hour long shifts.

  5. Anonymous

    More than likely someone clearly wasn't paying attention to what was going on around them while working. All it takes is for administration to walk into a dorm (or review video) and decide they don't like what they see to ruin a good thing.

    To be fair, there have been established instances where people probed security at dorms before. If someone has the security desk looking like a table at butler library then it probably won't take a heck of a lot to get past without having to swipe in.

  6. Anonymous

    Do they realize that full time security officers often play on their phones/watch movies/read the paper while on duty in many dorms?

  7. DFC

    I used to work in Dodge. Some mornings, coming in around 5:30am from somewhere else in the city, I'd see the security guys fast asleep in the booth at the Broadway gates. I'd then get to the gym and fold towels while falling asleep.

    An hour or so later, wiping the drool off my chin, I'd wake up and do a sudoku. After this, I'd need a break. I'd go outside to my dude in the food cart (the one outside NoCo) and get an egg and cheese on a bun.

    Belly full, I was ready to listen to some Star Talk podcasts and cat nap. Around 9:30, I'd wake up, inflate a basketball, and sniff permanent markers for a little bit.

    Eventually, usually around 10:30 or so, someone would come in and be all like, "Coach, we have a big game on Saturday. What the hell are you doing with your life?"

  8. aids =/= aides

    Student aides are not (thankfully) the same as student AIDS. There's a whole South Park episode on this, guys.

  9. Anon  

    Students studying while working still pay more attention than the majority of public safety officers (ex: scissor-hands solitaire guard.

  10. Anonymous  

    Work study is a job. Don't complain if you can't do work during it. I'd love to get paid $10 an hour to sit on my ass and study but I'm one of those few kids that pays the full price of tuition to come here so this signing in "work" isn't an option for me. Stop complaining and just do the job... But wait, you're not privileged so we should just give you the money for free to make up for it.

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