In Which We Shower A CNN Reporter With Snowballs

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Seems like it’s a snow slow news day at CNN, because they sent a reporter to Low Steps to interview students at the snowball fight encore. They didn’t realize that, in a snowball fight, there’s no such thing as a neutral bystander.

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  1. The best part  

    "Nah, it's very cold. It's miserable. I hate it."

  2. Anonymous


    so embarrassing

  3. This makes us...  

    ...look like assholes.

  4. CC 14  

    this is so awesome. this makes me so proud to be a CU student

  5. Anonymous  

    "The biggest riot since 68" love it!

  6. SEAS '13

    This belongs on /r/cringe

  7. SleepingWithTheWindowsOpen  

    Dear CNN,
    The best way to keep warm is not throwing snowballs at each other in the middle of the night. In fact for most Columbia students it is the best way to keep cool considering are rooms are 100 degrees. Please do research next time you come to visit.

  8. Anonymous

    Columbia undergrads=trolls

  9. King  

    So basically you assaulted a CNN reporter?

  10. doctoreysa

    I am happy my daughter Eyvana is having fun at her school, I am in Miami missing the snow.

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