Candidate Mixer for CCSC and ESC Spring Elections

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Vote or die, according to the Columbia Elections Board. They are hosting a candidate mixer with free pizza this Thursday for students interested in running for CCSC and ESC in the spring. Maybe this year won’t be quite as uncontested as the last, though we’re not especially hopeful. According to their Facebook event:

Spring elections aren’t until late March, but we encourage interested students to learn more about the process and meet other interested students to form parties. Free pizza and (non-alcoholic) beverages will be provided.

Current CCSC and ESC members will be there to discuss why you should join and they may even want you to run with them!

Available positions include CCSC & ESC Executive Board, Class Councils, and Representatives (such as for Academic Affairs, and Alumni Relations)

Information Sessions and Rules Meetings will be held in March before Spring Break. After Spring Break, forms will be due and campaigning will start!

A lovely cheese pizza, just for me via Shutterstock.

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