Bwog Asked: How Cold IS It?

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v tumblr hip

Considering Bwog continues to freeze their asses off every time they try to walk to Butler, we decided to go around and ask people how cold it is once we got to the library. Our weather app isn’t loading and quite honestly you all are much more informative than that app even though it shows pretty animated snow when it’s snowing.


  • The Stacks (Bwog trusts you)

Smoker’s Plaza:

  • I can still feel both of my feet, so it’s fine.
  • It’s not that cold today…..

2nd Floor

  • I go back to my room and can’t feel my feet for 10 minutes
  • So cold that I haven’t been outside in four hours
  • One person: “Brisk.” A Friend: “Yeah, Brisk is good; two for brisk.”
  • Twin one: “Arctic cold” ¬†Twin two: “yeah, sorry.”
  • Not as cold as Chicago where when I went outside the moisture in my nose froze but cold enough that it took a Herculian effort to get over here from McBain.
  • Ice cold.

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  1. Sad Alum

    The cold is as bitter as my sadness

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