Bwoglines: Dangerous Beasts Edition

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Fish are friends. Not food.

Chompy just wants to be fraaanndddss

Angry Birds? More like “Angry-Because-They-Leaked-My-Info Birds,” amiright? Turns out the NSA could be watching you through your unhealthy addiction to Angry Birds. How embarrassing. (New York Daily News)

If you missed the Grammys on Sunday… there was a lot of knitting and arguing about who had the cutest grandchild. GET IT? HAH. Anyway, if you missed the Grammys (as in the music awards) on Sunday, here are some of the highlights. (CBS)

A day in the life of James Grant: Go spear-fishing. Get bitten by a shark. Stab said shark and swim to shore. Stitch self up. Go get beers with friends. Continue being the most badass man to ever live. Ever. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Speaking of things that can kill you, a new beast just burst onto the NY scene: the Bacon Cragel. Bwog is loosening its belt in anticipation of eating a million. (Gawker)

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