What’s In A Name?

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Hartley is on its own, sorry

Guardian of Wallach, Protector of the Taint Gate

It has recently come to Bwog’s attention that the awkward little area between Hartley and Wallach has a name, and that name is the Taint Gate.

WikiCU quotes the administration as saying the name comes from the fact that the area “T’aint part of Hartley and t’aint part of Wallach.” However, if they were trying to keep it classy, they really shouldn’t have put this on a list of  “gates that are only opened upon approved requests.” Really, Public Safety, what kind of “requests” are we talking about here? We can’t just be letting anyone come in there unless it’s a special occasion.

The only remaining question is, between Hartley and Wallach, well, to put it politely…which is which? We recently received a tip that “Wallach” in German means “castrated horse,” so I guess we know which Wallach isn’t.

Like Hidalgo but without a penis via Shutterstock

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  1. D  

    That's Livingston Hall to you!

  2. that clears the air  

    so now we know which dorm is full of shit

  3. alum reader

    It's kind of cute that you just learned about the Taint. The nickname goes back many decades, at least back to the 1960s, when the explanation was "'Tain't Hartley, 'tain't Livingston."

    You remember Livingston, don't you? The noted figure from US history whose name was erased by the ego of someone named Wallach, whoever the hell that is/was.

    Anyway, back then no one ever used the expression "Taint Gate," because the gate was always open and thus pretty much ignored.

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