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Don't look him in the eyes while eating.

Don’t look him in the eyes while eating.

Bwogger Keenan Albee went to ESC’s first meeting of the semester. He ate way too much greasy pizza there. But don’t worry about that, just read the summary.

The tables were strewn with pizzas with care, in hopes that ESC soon would be there. And they were. And they ate them. And then everyone spoke about missing friends over break and spending quality time in New Jersey basements. Council members soon hunkered down and got rolling however, as ESC fired back up for the spring semester’s first meeting, with the bright faces of a few other student government leaders peppering the audience.

The first order of business was an update on the work of the Dean of Student Affairs Search committee, followed in quick succession by news of a timeline for upcoming Spring Elections and an in-the-works spirit campaign. Some carryover from last semester found its way into the agenda in the form of an Honor Code (now being discussed by EGSC) and continued efforts to bring about equitable SEAS departmental grading policies. Word on the street is that most SEAS departments seem to approve of the proposed policy changes—student surveys will likely be about during Engineering Week to get the undergraduate perspective. ESC is also co-sponsoring the Columbia Wikithon which is today from 6-11 pm in John Jay Lounge.

On the creative side of things, ESC showered some lucky students with dough as part of their student project grant initiative to get cool things built for the SEAS Sesquicentennial. Included in the list of seven approved projects are a Mech Warfare Robot (Robocop?!?) and a Ferris Staircase Traffic Controller, so that you can now run red lights while dropping food on unsuspecting lunch-goers below.

And as for all the rest:

  • Engineering Week will be starting off in style with a Low Library light display on February 16th.
  • USenate is waiting for word on the future of commuter swipe access.
  • ESC will be saving a boatload of money by switching from Columbia Catering for future events.
  • Seniors are planning a winter formal, and will tentatively hold the first Lerner Pub in two weeks.
  • The Class of 2015 will have sweatshirt pre-sales soon.
  • The Class of 2017 is selling tickets for Winter Wonderland, a semi-formal event held in Low this Saturday at 8 pm.
  • An official CU Dining app is nearing completion—soon you’ll be able to view nutrition facts, menus, and more to your heart’s content.

ESC meets every Monday at 9:30 pm in Lerner’s Satow Room—all the cool kids are going.

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