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Why is this key so terrifying looking?

Why is this key so terrifying looking?

It has come to our attention that the majority of the class of 2017 is not aware that they are about to get screwed by the housing process. To a greater or lesser degree, your housing next year is going to be, shall we just say, less than excellent. While some come to love the dimly-lit maze that is the halls of McBain, and others find the Career-Center-adjacent locale of Wien to their liking, many freshpeople are not aware that there is another (reasonably attainable) option. With that in mind, Bwog is here with the pros and cons of living in the LLC. Oh, and in case you didn’t get that email blast from Scott Helfrich, LLC applications are due by 9 am on Friday, February 7th.

Pro: Live with your friends but still live in a single. This is pretty much the only sophomore housing that gives you this option, and don’t underestimate how great it can be.

Con: You will never be able to throw any parties. Having a single means having very little space, and the RAs in both Hartley and Wallach are notorious for opening locked suite doors and cracking down on alcohol in common areas. Hartley is a bit stricter in this regard than Wallach, although in-room festivities can go on pretty much uninterrupted as long as you can keep it to around 10 people.

Pro: Meet new people! Seriously, if you like the people in your suite, Hartley is one of your best options. You can apply with a few of your friends, and if you all get in, then about half of your suite will be those people. The other half is freshman placed in the building (they don’t have to apply), which means you can make new friends and be social without leaving your house.

Con: You won’t be near any of your other sophomore friends, since most live in either Wien or McBain. Also, while you don’t have to be friends with the people you don’t already know in your suite, you will have to see them every day, so that would be a lot like living in an apartment with people you’re not on speaking terms with.

Pro: Have your own kitchen and be able to cook whenever you want!

Con: Have to clean your own kitchen.

Pro: Spacious common areas and a good human-to-bathroom ratio. Coed bathrooms means the hell that was my freshman year (30 girls, 4 showers) is impossible—the ratio is fixed. There are also spacious sky lounges with AC in the warmer months, which is a life-saver in the summer.

Con: Everyone hangs out in common areas, so it can be hard to get work done, and can get loud if you live near the lounge. But then again, when was it ever possible to do work in your room and/or any area of your residence hall? The sky lounges are actually bordering on eerily silent, though, so if that’s your thing, you basically have a mini-Butler in your dorm.

Pro: Sometimes there are these cool events with interesting intellectuals where you get a free home-cooked meal and talk about current events.

Con: Actually…there’s really no con to this one. As a sophomore, you have no obligation to attend any of these, but as an LLC resident, you get priority above anyone else to sign up for these events.

Pro: Professors/actual real people live on the top floor of your building, they have adorable children, and they sometimes bring you baked goods.

Con: For the love of god, do not drunkenly wander into your sky lounge only to accidentally awaken and terrify a bunch of innocent, unsuspecting children who turn out to be the kids of your Orgo professor.

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  1. Barnard Quad for Life  

    30 girls for 4 showers sounds amazing... too bad we've got 25 girls for two showers and one of them is always broken...

  2. Hartley alum  

    another pro: if you realize you left your key/ID in your room when you went for a shower, or drunkenly stumble back only to realize you lost your wallet - there's no need to make a long trek out in the bitter cold to get your door open!

  3. Chances of getting  

    A single in furnald for a sophomore?

  4. Living in Hartley  

    Keep in mind if you apply that it is binding if you get in. And you may end up in Hartley. Which is in desperate need of repair. (

  5. Anonymous

    Best location on campus, can roll out of bed to get everywhere.

  6. I don't think so  

    Mind you that Scott Helfrich, the director of the joke that is the LLC, is a fascist and he is extremely difficult to work with. I quit being an RA because this man is actually a monster/

  7. I think so  

    Mind you that Scott Helfrich, the director of the home that is the LLC, is a warm and caring person like so many people in this dorm. I loved being RA and resident there, because this place actually has a heart.

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