AskBwog: P/D/F Confidentiality No Longer Questionable

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No one Pass/D/Failing here....
No one Pass/D/Failing here....

No one Pass/D/Failing here….

Dear Bwog,

If I end up in the unfortunate situation that is choosing to Pass/D/Fail a course, will my professor know that I’ve done so?

Love and rockets,

Questionable Student

Dear Questionable Student,

We’ve been wondering the same thing, and thought we might go to the source on this one. We reached out, and earned a response from Student Affairs who let us know, that no, in fact, your professor will not know you’ve opted to P/D/F his or her class.



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  1. Anonymous  

    It also really isn't an unfortunate situation! Unless you're pre-med/pre-law, no one will give that "P" a second glance, your eye-drawing GPA on your resume remains intact, and you get to chill the fuck out because you have to really fuck up (i.e. not turn in a paper) to get a D in all but the most intense science and math courses.

  2. Aw shit

    is this why Sunil Gulati gave me a D?!?

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