Bwoglines: Trapped in a Glass Box of Emotion Edition

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These guys are from France

These guys are from France

That woman that most of us had forgotten about is going back to jail. Turns out the Italian court system is almost as convoluted as ours. (ABC News)

Mayor De Blasio came through on his word to reform the controversial “Stop-and-Frisk” program. Despite our attempts to look suspicious, Bwog has yet to be  frisked (at least not by a police officer). (globalpost)

Harlem’s Apollo Theater also celebrated its birthday recently, and Bwog says kudos. To kick-off the festivities right, they are headed to international waters. It is unclear whether the theater will be traveling as well. (NY Daily News)

France is trying to take over our US of A through the minds of our youths. Bwog thinks this is because they realized how cool the Statue of Liberty is and now they want it back. Well you can’t have it. (NY Times)

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  1. Amanda Knox

    is not going back to jail unless the US extradites her, which they probably won't.

  2. Anonymous

    What exactly were these attempts to look suspicious? If it wasn't being black or brown, then you obviously weren't doing it right.

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