Bwog Asked: What Sport Do You Actually Like To Watch?

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"Can we watch the new episode of Real Housewives instead?"

“Can we watch the new episode of Real Housewives instead?”

You could say that Bwog’s inner-love for sports is showing with the Super Bowl tonight and the Winter Olympics starting on Friday. With athletic jubilee in our souls, Bwoggers made their way through Butler a little bit earlier than usual tonight to ask people what sport do they actually like to watch.

1st Floor

  • The only sport I watch is Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
  • Or people running to their rooms after one night stands.

2nd Floor

  • What? Volleyball.
  • The Olympics, I guess.
  • Yeah no I don’t watch¬†sports.
  • I want to be watching the Super Bowl but I have to study. My roommate (who’s a diehard Broncos fan) is texting me updates.
  • *Much apprehension* Swimming is a sport, right?
  • Football
  • Chess

3rd Floor

  • Circulation desk guy: If I could choose anything? The World Cup.
  • None, I hate sports

4th Floor

  • I don’t really care about sports.

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  1. anon  

    Not a simple random sample, results are bias go back to intro stats bwog

  2. Anonymous  

    You do realize that everyone in Butler at that time was choosing to not watch the Super Bowl, so it's obviously a set of people who don't care about sports.

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