Bwoglines: Secret Edition

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This is River, right?
"Your bangs are tacky"

“Your bangs are tacky”

Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have all released details about the number of secret government requests for data they have received.  Ugh, like do they even know the first rule of keeping secrets?  (Newsweek)

A restaurant in Brooklyn is offering a Beyonce-themed menu for Valentine’s Day.  So Beyonce can officially be our Valentine now right? (NY Daily News)

For some Americans, Coca-Cola’s multicultural Super Bowl ad is giving the question, “Is Pepsi okay?” a whole new meaning (though the answer is still a resentful “yes” for us). (Time)

An Illinois woman gave three waitresses $5000 each as a tip.  While we’re certainly happy for them (kk maybe not…), we can’t help but reconsider our life choices (and our student loans). (New York Times)

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