Bwoglines: Romance Is Dead Edition

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"your winged liner is flawless, my love"

“Your winged liner is flawless, my love”

Everyone/many people have heard about weird porn in Butler. Our legacy, ladies and gentlemen. (NY Daily News, NY Observer, HuffPo, NY Mag)

School of Public Health recently conducted a study suggesting that happier people may be likelier to have safer sex. Granted, the experiment was conducted purely on sexually active, HIV-positive men so it may be a little difficult to extrapolate, but moral’s still the same. (Medical Xpress)

According to the sage words of Cosmo, “college dating is… screwed up.” Bwog doesn’t know what they’re talking about though because our love lives are pitch perfect. (Cosmopolitan)

Columbia was mentioned on Brooklyn 99 via an old classics professor. (Backlot)

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, a couple had sex in a car in a garage and died. They were both 40 and high. (NY Daily News)

Got any exciting V-Day plans? If the answer’s a resounding no (and even if it’s not), here’s a list of what’s coming this month to Netflix streaming. Cheers! (Vulture)

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  1. Jaded Graduate Student

    Romance isn't dead. Whether or not one agrees with modern values, our world has become a lot more complicated over the past 50 years and the collective idea of "romance" has evolved.

    College dating is screwed up largely because 99% of students are still figuring out who they are, who/what they want to be and what they want out of life. Most people will only have maybe one or two of the above components down by the time they are 30 or 35. From experience, it is incredibly difficult to bring another person into the picture when you are still trying to establish a sense of self. And as someone who has "been around the block a few times" (both literally and figuratively) I've also learned that relationships, sex and love do not always constitute the same thing; how we definite these concepts on a personal level vary greatly.

    The best advice I can give to my fellow classmates is to be smart and exercise good judgement: prioritize and try to focus on the immediate issues which you have control over in your life. This can be your emotional, mental or physical state of being, your academics, your hobbies or your extracurriculars, perhaps a side job, etc. Once you have found a balance state, then maybe think about bring other people into the picture. Think of romance more as Zen.


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