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but it would be nice, wouldn't it
but it would be nice, wouldn't it

These are not guaranteed at ESC meetings

Would you rather have a livefeed of people in Butler, Valentine’s Day grams, or class pajamas? We sent the Kindly Kilted Keenan Albee to listen to such important deliberations at ESC’s weekly meeting.

Prep for some big upcoming events loomed over this week’s ESC meeting up in the Lerner Lair of Doom (more formally known as the Satow Room). Although these upcoming happenings—namely EWeek and Glass House Rocks—should be on the calendars of every good engineer, there was other goodness to discuss this week. Goodness like couches. Couches on ramps.

Things started off with more details on an upcoming spirit campaign dubbed “Our Blue.” And do they mean blue—the major focus of the campaign will be getting Columbia-themed pennants, posters, and other decorations strewn throughout the dining halls and Lerner. ESC also announced that the campaign’s launch video is ready to go and is currently awaiting a final launch date.

The Lion Credit Union Initiative then dropped by to request support from ESC to add some more pizazz to their application to the National Credit Union Administration. Though ESC took no action at this meeting, it appears that talks will be ongoing with the other councils to consider some form of coordinated agreement.

Council members also noted that EWeek will have an official schedule out within the next few days, as all of your uncontainable hype slowly builds. Glass House Rocks, which has already had its deluge of Facebook spamming, is fast approaching—also remote-controlled flying shark balloons are rumored to be present, so there’s not much more to say about that. A nice interlude into possible improvements to be made around campus brought up many suggestions, including longer Friday hours for NoCo and keeping more doors open around campus (why, Lerner, why?). Soon, after delving far into the art of sitting, ideas for long-term Lerner ramp improvements cropped up and settled somewhere around couches and bar-style seating. As long as everything doesn’t slide down to the first floor.

But wait, there’s more:

  • Project grant award winners have been contacted and will begin building soon.
  • Meetings with EGSC to discuss the SEAS honor code will occur this week.
  • NSOP consent discussions are under examination in the hopes of making attendance policy more stringent.
  • The seniors are selling Winter Gala Tickets and SEAS 2014 Pajamas. A pajama party is being planned. (Yes, actually.)
  • The Class of 2015 will be selling sweatshirts soon, with likely pre-sales this week.
  • The Class of 2016 is going to provide free Valentine’s grams for SEAS sophomores.
  • A possible livefeed of the number of people in Butler is being discussed with CUIT.

ESC meets every Monday at 9:30 P.M. in the Lerner Satow Room. Fireworks not included.

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