Bwoglines: Jobless Edition

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Here are the new numbers that your parents can forward you from their more politically active friends reminding you why you’re getting that economics degree instead of a BA in Francophone studies like you’ve always dreamed. Well there’s always grad school when you’re 40 right? (LA Times)

In case you weren’t already feeling lazy at this point in your day, check out these vertical sprinters who did more exercise in 12 minutes than Bwog has done in always. (NY Daily News)

All those athletes worried about various Cold War espionage-style crimes got a supportive shoutout from Google. At least they know the California-based company has their backs, which I’m sure will be a great comfort while they hope that the unfortunate bathroom situation isn’t misconstrued. (Mirror News) (NY Daily News)

For those Obama fans out there, you might be worried that your time with Barack is waning. But never fear, Biden is here! And he wants to stay, kind of. Forget the competence of Clinton, we want the quotability of Biden. He always has the zingers after all. (CBS News) (US News)

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