Chad Washington’s Hate Crime Case Dismissed

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Chad Washington

Chad Washington

The New York Criminal Course formally dismissed the case of Chad Washington, CC’15 and a Columbia football player, yesterday. Washington was charged with a hate crime after his alleged assault of an Asian classmate in May 2013, right before the football team received attention for tweets containing racial and homophobic slurs. Washington’s required 10 days of community service were completed before October 11.

Washington was offered an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD) back in August, meaning that if he was not accused of any crimes in the next six months his case would be dismissed. An ACD is a method of dismissing criminal charges used in misdemeanor cases. According to New York law, “The granting of an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal shall not be deemed to be a conviction or an admission of guilt.”

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  1. Still guilty

    Of not being smart.

  2. Alum

    Being part of a team that represents the University is a privilege that must be earned by good performance and conduct inside and outside of the field. I hope the University follows up cases like these by at least kicking them out of the teams.

  3. anon  


  4. Harmony Hunter  

    this never would have happened if they were walking by harmony instead of mcbain

  5. Anonymous  

    Someone Challenge the ruling on the field please?

  6. First Lions Victory  

    This leaves the football team what? 1-50?

  7. Anon  

    This is bullshit. As a athlete (probably on a scholarship) he represents the University. Intolerance and racism shouldn't be a part of that. Not to mention how thuggish it is to attack someone unprovoked in the first place. He should be suspended, from school or at least the football team. Community service is not a consequence.

    • Minor differences

      You seem to be conflating the state criminal justice system with internal school discipline. Whether the judicial system's handling of this charge is "bullshit" is a separate inquiry from whether or not he was suspended.

  8. Anonymous  

    Bwog, did you just steal this from the lion without linking back?

  9. Arsene Wenger /seasonal_implosion/ edition

    Ched will u be mai valentine? We exxxplore football in teh staxx. Pls respond

  10. "thuggish"? "lynch"?

    your anti-blackness is showing. not pretty.

  11. Guys

    remember, it's only a hate crime if the victim was black

    • umm  

      don't be foolish. everyone has decried this as a hate crime from the beginning. your comment only reveals an ugly desire within you to negatively characterize an entire race. which, you know, is also racist.

  12. Ok  

    As someone who knows a couple people who have also gone through the NYC legal system, an ACD, especially with 10 days of community service, is less of a "we found that you did nothing wrong" and more of a "we don't want to spend resources fighting to put you in jail." Basically, if you have no prior convictions or you're rich, you get let off with a warning.

    Two cases:
    Person #1 - caught shoplifting with marijuana in his pocket. Result: ACD, no community service.

    Person #2 - caught making graffiti. Result: ACD, 2 days of community service.

    In both of these situations, it was clear that they were guilty of what they were charged with doing.

    Also, it is *not* common to see 10 days of community service, the average is around 1 or 2. Each day is 8 hours. Chad Washington was required to do 80 hours of community service or have his case reopened - this is not a sign of his innocence.

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