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Ever think to yourself, “I love Bwog and everything that it represents and I wish we could go on like, actual dates?”

This job will make you more content.

This job will make you more content.

No? Neither do we.  But what we do know is that you, yes you, love Bwog. If you feel like you’re not writing inclined but you’re good with money, relationships computers, ads, and/or keeping track of things (and maybe people?) then boy oh boy do we have a job.  Read on for information about the Associate Publisher Application and Job Description. “Because Uncle Bwog wants YOU!”

Bwog is currently accepting applications for the position of Associate Publisher. Interested applicants should send their resume and a brief statement to by 11:59PM on February 17, 2014. After receiving all applications, a small number of candidates will be interviewed for the positions and the final decision will be made shortly afterwards.

The Associate Publisher’s responsibilities include:

  • Managing relationships with advertisers, agencies, and vendors
  • Spearheading the direct sales process
  • Working with the editors to ensure that Bwog is meeting its financial needs
  • Ensuring that all ads are put up and taken down as scheduled

The Associate Publisher will assist the Publisher in any and all of the above responsibilities and will report to the Publisher. The Associate Publisher will serve as the Chief Operating Officer of Blue and White Publishing Inc. – Bwog’s parent publishing company. Once the Associate Publisher is chosen, he/she will lead the application process for the position of Account Executive – the heart of the advertising sales team.

The heart of the application is a paragraph describing your past experience and qualifications for the job. Candidates should show that they are responsible, honest, self-motivated, and familiar with the culture of Bwog. Past involvement with Bwog or other publications would be a major asset, as would sales, marketing, and digital media experience. Computer Science experience will also be a major asset to an application.


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