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Ever wonder what sorority recruitment is like behind the scenes?  No?  Well we can’t really tell you anyway because all we have are these.  Bwog recently came across some intriguing papers in a printer somewhere in Columbia.  Peruse as much as your heart desires, we know we did.

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  1. Yes.

    Obviously this horrible atrocity demonstrates why we can no longer allow greeks to co-exist with the rest of the sane campus community. How dare these women aspire to have common shared values and some sense of an organizational tradition. Thank you, Bwog, for bringing this groundbreaking leak to light <3

  2. tbh  

    how does anyone have time for this bullshit

    • Anonymous  

      When one's biological social urges cannot be satisfied in more civilized ways, one must return to the social unit of all apes: the tribe. Among such people, I imagine the craving is so strong that other time consuming activities, such as pesky classes, are readily sacrificed.

      • Do you have any idea...  

        how much you sound like an elitist ass? If you don't like Greek Life, don't join it. Simple. Are members of Greek Life worse students? Members of a primitive tribe? All you anti-Greek-Life Bwog trolls really ought to take a step back and look at what you're doing. You're the same group that wants racial and gender equality (nay, revenge against the white male), and you seek to eradicate all forms of discrimination, both implicit and explicit. Can you explain to me how calling a group of your fellow Columbia peers primitive tribe members does not constitute prejudice and discrimination? You disgust me with your hypocrisy, Columbia. If you don't want to join Greek Life, then don't. Let's end the discuss there -- stop with the Greek Life attacks Bwog or start attacking every CU group equally.

        • Anonymous  

          Nonsense. I'm the first to criticize any group or behavior here which seems to me to dilute the academic quality. Besides, your comment is the typical Columbia bullshit that I've grown to hate: name calling followed by ad hominem. You make absolutely no attempt to refute or argue. Your puerile appeal to the circlejerking emotions of the typical Bwog reader gives me no reason to reconsider my original claim.

  3. Daniel Ellsberg

    Fuck yeah. You are my legacy.

  4. are you sure....  

    are you sure this packet is actually real? from what I know about DG's new member program, it's nonexistent. I have a feeling this was planted as a way to prove that DG is "nice" or something

  5. the lady doth protest too much  

    there is so much in their about NOT drinking/hazing, it's suspicious

  6. Frat Bro  

    Where is the packet that describes the sexy lesbian shit they do in the showers?

  7. lies

    ... this is nothing like those chicks in Butler were doing... doesn't even mention milk and eggs... no one believes this, DG

  8. lol  

    "how did your initiation make you feel"

  9. lololol  

    funniest thing i've read on bwog in awhile. nice try, DG

  10. This doesn't explain  

    that weird arm thing they do :(

  11. Delta Granma  

    strikes again

  12. Seriously  

    This kind of thing is sent to the sororities by the national organizations literally all of the sororities have packets like this. It's not a scandal bwog. try again next time.

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