Bwoglines: Changing the World!!!! Edition

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psa this is not actually what a werewolf cat looks like, we can't find any of those on shutter stock

looks cute till the full moon strikes

Columbia researchers have created a type of chip that can “listen to bacteria,” including something called biofilms (Bwog doesn’t know what this means either). (Medical News Today)

Former Columbia student Akshay Verma is pioneering efforts to facilitate fish farming in India. He’s created 100 self-help groups for women and is all of 28. (Times of India)

Yesterday, the House passed a “clean” bill raising the debt limit AKA first time in like ever that something’s gotten passed without 100000 counter demands. (NPR)

The International Cat Association has recently recognized the Lykoi breed, characterized by their resemblance to werewolves. They’re kind of cute..? (Yahoo)

There will be a show called How I Met Your Dad, and Greta Gerwig will star in it. What. (Vulture)

Werecat via Shutterstock

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