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Ben Kornick’s spot as CCSC 2016 representative was up for the grabs Sunday night, when Daphne Chen announced Kornick’s resignation from his position for “personal reasons.” CCSC just released a statement announcing that the elections to fill the vacancy will be direct, and that interested candidates can register here.

A major issue in the recent deliberations between Daphne Chen and the Class of 2016 council members was choosing between the speed of an indirect election and grander ideals for direct representation. A member noted that indirect elections would have allowed the new representative the longest time in office (we’re already a month into classes) and would have arguably made it easier on the Elections Board to manage its workload, with general elections coming up at the end of March and beginning of April. Members generally regard direct elections as the best option, but a bit impractical. Last semester’s announcement that Cleo Abram’s University Senate seat would filled by indirect election caused a bit of an uproar; the CCSC backpedaled to make election direct, and Marc Heinrich eventually won. So good call, CCSC.

Read the full statement, if you want.

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  1. ?

    so ccsc makes a good call here because they didn't follow the procedure from the fall which caused an uproar? that uproar was generated by campus media members who didn't understand what they were reporting on. get over yourselves, bwog.

  2. ....

    And the one million dollar question asks itself, once again... who gives a shit?

  3. CCSC member  

    we were bullied

  4. frank underwood  

    why doesn't the VP take over?

  5. Anonymous  

    ccsc is a mess...

  6. Anonymous  

    @Anonymous: Not OP, but even if that were the case, the statement is still true. What's the point of having a long direct election process when there's only two months before annual elections? Just pick a capable person and get some real work done.

  7. CCSC Member

    Most students here are apathetic. Some joker will be elected, and instead my friends, who actually work hard and care about this campus, are not going to be elected. Students need to accept that we know what is best for them.

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