CCSC: Hosting Public Forum On Election Changes

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Your student council

Your student council

The Columbia College Student Council is hosting a public forum on changes to CCSC election practices tomorrow, Friday, February 28 from 3:15pm to 4:00pm in the Satow Room of Lerner Hall. There are rumors of free cookies and beverages if you come hang out with them. They intend to discuss Alumni Affairs Representative Daniel Liss’s resolution to allow students to vote separately for the offices of Vice Presidents for Campus Life, Finance, and Communications, while past elections have only allowed for their collective election.

Go listen to what the CCSC has to say — Alexandra Svokos, Bwog’s Former Editor-in-Chief, will be speaking! Speakers also include Sidd Bhatt (President, Engineering Student Council), Daphne Chen (President, Columbia College Student Council), and Alex Smyk (Former Publisher, Columbia Spectator), all to be moderated by Daniel Liss.

If you’d like to submit any topics for discussion, you can do that here, too.

They want to hear from YOU! via Shutterstock.

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  1. curious  

    why did they pick representatives from bwog and spec to speak about this issue? and why smyk and alex specifically?

  2. CCSC Member  

    We picked Alexandra and Alex based on their previous writings on the topic. Alexandra discusses the referendum in a recent column, while Alex is familiar with the election process from his work on the Spec Editorial Board. Daphne and Sidd were also logical choices based on their familiarities with their respective council elections.

  3. KMB

    Did you list one of the panelist's Greek affiliation? No. You assumed it would discredit them. Why? Because this school is resolutely anti-Greek and can't handle the cognitive dissonance. Guess what? Your fellow students can make a difference, even if they're in IFC. Bwog, instead of dividing the school, why don't you do what little you can to unite it?

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