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What we pictured when we heard "crazed giant cat"

What we pictured when we heard “crazed giant cat”

C’mon Columbia, even Congress has got you beat. (The Washington Times).

Police in Portland were called when a “crazed” 22-pound cat trapped its owners inside their own bedroom.  Only in Portland… (Fox News Phoenix)

A Brooklyn boy who had been missing was found after he had been riding the subway for five days straight.  The question we’re all thinking: did he meet the mole people? (New York Times)

That’s why their ears are so big; they’re full of secrets! (The ABC)

And finally, fucking Fox News everybody (check out sassy Columbia at around 2:50):

Catzilla via Shutterstock, video via Fox News

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  1. anony  

    I mean he does admit at the end there that he makes people look dumb for ratings and hes kind of entertaining so I see difference between this and the daily show/colbert going out and interviewing people who have no idea what they are talking about, its just different parties

  2. Alex Mark is  

    the perfect human being.

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