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Columbia Elections Board just released the official candidates for CCSC, ESC, and GSSC. We hope you’re as excited as we are.

Despite the changes to E-Board elections, only one person is not running in a full party for the CCSC Executive Board. Joseph faces two complete parties, whereas the ESC E-Board is uncontested. 2017, understandably, has the most candidates, whereas many positions in GSSC are uncontested or left without candidates. As for University Senate, CCSC has 6 candidates, ESC has 3, and GSSC has 6 as well.

Our favorite party name officially goes to “Wolf Pack.”

Yesterday's CCSC E-Board candidates photoshoot

Yesterday’s CCSC E-Board candidates photoshoot

CCSC Executive Board


  • Loxley¬†Bennett,¬†President
  • Mandeep¬†Singh,¬†VP¬†Policy
  • Michael¬†Li,¬†VP¬†Finance
  • Sheila¬†Alexander,¬†VP¬†Communications
  • Sarah¬†Yee,¬†VP¬†Campus¬†Life


  • Peter¬†Bailinson,¬†President
  • Sejal¬†Singh,¬†VP¬†Policy
  • Liam¬†Bland,¬†VP¬†Finance
  • Abby¬†Porter,¬†VP¬†Communications
  • Andrew¬†Ren,¬†VP¬†Campus¬†Life

No party affiliation

  • Mary¬†Joseph,¬†VP¬†Campus¬†Life

CCSC 2015 Class Council 


  • Kareem¬†Carryl,¬†2015¬†Class¬†President
  • Jackson¬†Tse,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Ryan¬†Rivera,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Michael¬†Fox¬≠Moles,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Lillian¬†Chen,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Representative

The People People

  • Grace¬†Kim,¬†2015¬†Class¬†President
  • Benjamin¬†Schechner,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Zhaoqi¬†Li,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Representative
  • PJ¬†Sauerteig,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Douglas¬†Kessel,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Representative

CCSC 2016 Class Council

Alma Matters

  • Saaket¬†Pradhan,¬†2016¬†Class¬†President
  • Anne¬†Scotti,¬†2016¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Richin¬†Kabra,¬†2016¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Sameer¬†Mishra,¬†2016¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Gabrielle¬†Andrade,¬†2016¬†Class¬†Representative

Freedom, Liberty and Freedom

  • Vivek¬†Ramakrishnan,¬†2016¬†Class¬†President
  • Benjamin¬†Makansi,¬†2016¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President

No party affiliation

  • Polina¬†Porotskaya,¬†2016¬†Class¬†Representative

CCSC 2017 Class Council

Columbia Classy

  • Blake¬†Halim,¬†2017¬†Class¬†President
  • Solomon¬†Seckler,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Jeff¬†Coby,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Angela¬†Mestre,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Sarah¬†Ried,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative


  • Sean¬†Ryan,¬†2017¬†Class¬†President
  • Adanma¬†Raymond,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Juliana¬†Moraes¬†Liu,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Justin¬†Bleuel,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Marshall¬†Bozeman,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative

The Heights

  • Annette¬†Finnegan,¬†2017¬†Class¬†President
  • Gabi¬†Mayers,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Michael¬†Starr,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Ben¬†Kremnitzer,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Jose¬†Treasure,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative

Wolf Pack 

  • Nick¬†Wolferman,¬†2017¬†Class¬†President
  • Sean¬†Choi,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Franco¬†Maddalena,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Hannah¬†Zhang,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Darius¬†Ansari,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative

No party affiliation

  • Christian¬†Truelove,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative

CCSC University Senator

  • Ramis¬†Wadood
  • Daniel¬†Liss
  • Michael¬†MacKay
  • Jacob¬†Johnson
  • Tom¬†Borgers
  • Daniel¬†Stone

CCSC Academic Affairs Representative

  • Thomas¬†Arbuckle
  • Grayson¬†Warrick
  • Ankeet¬†Ball

CCSC Alumni Affairs Representative

  • Matthew¬†Forrest

CCSC Student Services Representative (2 positions available)

  • Chris¬†Godshall
  • Jonathan¬†Etra
  • Charles¬†Sanky
  • Mikhail¬†Klimentov


  • Chris¬†George

ESC Executive Board

Out of the Blue

  • Brian¬†Wu,¬†President
  • Malini¬†Nambiar,¬†VP¬†Policy
  • Robert¬†Ying,¬†VP¬†Finance
  • Joshua¬†Boggs,¬†VP¬†Communications
  • Caroline¬†Park,¬†VP¬†Student¬†Life

ESC 2015 Class Council

Blue Union

  • Shensi¬†Ding,¬†2015¬†Class¬†President
  • Gil¬†Feig,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Adam¬†Sherman,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Andrew¬†Ryder,¬†2015¬†Class¬†Representative

ESC 2016 Class Council


  • Michelle¬†Lee,¬†2016¬†Class¬†President
  • Chloe¬†Blanchard,¬†2016¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Joshua¬†Bazile,¬†2016¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Ravish¬†Rawal,¬†2016¬†Class¬†Representative

ESC 2017 Class Council


  • Robert¬†Adelson,¬†2017¬†Class¬†President
  • Neha¬†Jain,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Sidney¬†Perkins,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative
  • Jonathan¬†Barrios,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative

Spirit of SEAS

  • Rachit¬†Mohan,¬†2017¬†Class¬†President
  • Lara¬†Warner,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Vice¬†President
  • Saiamritha¬†Musipatla,¬†2017¬†Class¬†Representative

ESC University Senator

  • Jillian¬†Ross
  • Anish¬†W.¬†King
  • Michelle¬†Haines

ESC Academic Affairs Representative

  • Cathy¬†Jin
  • Harry¬†Munroe

ESC Sustainability Liaison

  • Siddharth¬†Ramakrishnan
  • Shane¬†Cho

ESC’s CCSC Liaison

  • Ankit¬†Shah
  • Radhe¬†Patel

ESC At­Large Representatives (uncontested)

  • Larry¬†Xiao,¬†Pre¬≠professional¬†Development¬†and¬†Alumni¬†Affairs¬†Representative
  • Sarah¬†Yang,¬†Student¬†Services¬†Representative
  • Bo¬†Fan,¬†Director¬†of¬†Technology
  • Andrew¬†Sohn,¬†GSSC¬†Liaison
  • Howei¬†Chen,¬†SGA¬†Liaison

GSSC President

  • Peter¬†Nason*

*Please note that according to GSSC Elections By-laws Section 9, uncontested elections for President will result in a special election following Spring Elections.

GSSC Vice President, Policy

  • Richard¬†M.¬†Thompson
  • Joshua¬†Dominic

GSSC Vice President, Finance

No candidates

GSSC Vice President, Communications

  • Elizabeth¬†Heyman

GSSC Vice President, Student Events

No candidates

GSSC University Senator

  • Hillel¬†Lehmann
  • Andrew¬†Lawson
  • Jin¬†Han
  • Katharine¬†Celentano
  • Calvin¬†K.¬†X.¬†Ching
  • Umar¬†Najeeb¬†Mohammed

GSSC At­Large Representatives (uncontested)

  • Christina¬†Cheung,¬†International¬†Students¬†Representative
  • Neranjan¬†de¬†Silva,¬†Veteran¬†Students¬†Representative
  • Corey¬†Hirsch,¬†Jewish¬†Theological¬†Seminary¬†Students¬†Representative

Working Students Representative 

No candidates

Senior Class Representatives

No candidates

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  1. ?

    Yee is running for E-Board two weeks after getting elected?

  2. Judging by the last names  

    It appears the only thing these people take into account when forming parties is diversity. Politicians, gotta love 'em.

  3. GS '13

    Looks like the "uncarinGStudents" party wins again in a landslide

  4. BSGS

    Yeah, suck it elections.

  5. really....  

    she's been serving on the Campus Life Committee for an entire year already. she's experienced with council

  6. Anonymous  

    Charles Sanky finally stepping up to take the title he already deserves! I only wish he was running for a higher office.

  7. what is this  

    a convention for a buncha circus freaks

  8. Anonymous  

    some hot people in the race if ya know who I'm talking about

  9. CC '15

    wow. huge list of assholes

    • Charles, Peter, Abby, and tons of other people on this list work tirelessly on projects to improve student life. Sejal spends like 20 + hours a week on mental health and sexual assault assault policy reform (on top of everything she does for Dems).

      Don't be a dick; lots of these people care about Columbia and work really hard to make it better.

  10. Benjamin

    Schechner is a scholar and a gentleman.

  11. hahahah  

    Don't vote for Andrew Ren. You'll thank me later

    • CC 2016  

      He's a really smart, hardworking guy - helped guide me through my freshman year when he was an RA in JJ and made my experience at CU better. I have no doubt he'll do a great job!

    • Anonymous  

      Andrew Ren is one of the most passionate and hardworking people I have met during my time at Columbia. He is actively involved in numerous aspects on campus including residential programs, community impact, mba, and governing boards. From my conversations with him- it's very clear that he not only truly cares about student life on campus but also has the drive to actually make a difference.

    • Not funny  

      Andrew is one of the most capable people at Columbia I know. He always sees the bigger picture and will act in the best interests of the student body. I VOTE ANDREW REN FOR VP OF CAMPUS LIFE

  12. Merchant

    What has Mandeep Singh done for student government in the past?

  13. LOL  

    Chloe does no work for council...

  14. Team Liam  

    Liam's one of the smartest people I've ever met and he has tons of finance experience. He'd do a really great job, too.

    Plus, he's hot.

  15. Ok  

    Always cute when politicians write their own bwog comments

  16. Liam  

    I wouldn't have put a comma after "plus" or "job." I would've said "Liam is" instead of making a contraction. I would've said Liam is "the smartest person I know" instead of "one of the smartest people" and I normally use the phrase gorgeous when describing myself. and the only things capitalized would've been "I" and the first letter of my name. just saying.

  17. Anonymous  

    Yay Charles Sanky!

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